As a principal of an elementary school and as a mother of two children I am continuously impressed and inspired by the work my own children are doing at the Scholars Academy. Both of my children have greatly benefited from the intensive instructional support and personal motivation provided so lovingly…read more

At the Scholars’ Academy, students will acquire the
skills needed to achieve academic success.


Scholars’ Academy Programs

All scholars are assessed in order to determine their academic needs and to set individual goals.

Scholars are homogeneously grouped with other scholars at similar levels.  Small group setting ensures optimum learning.

Literacy – Grades 1-3:

Scholars in grades 1-3 receive approximately 15 minutes of reading instruction and 45 minutes of writing instruction each session.

1st grade scholars work in small groups to build their skills in decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Through direct phonics instruction, poetry, sight word practice, and engaging stories/articles, scholars practice becoming stronger readers.  A love of reading is also promoted through an authors study and weekly read alouds.

2nd and 3rd grade scholars use research based reading strategies as they transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.    Scholars are trained to be “Reading Detectives” as they practice predicting, summarizing, monitoring, underlining the evidence, and evaluating the text.  Common Core State Standards are incorporated into each lesson, and reviewed on a weekly basis.  Students respond to the text being read through group discussions and writing responses in their journal.

Raz Kids, an online reading comprehension program, is also offered as needed.

$57.50 per session (60 minutes)

Writer’s Workshop:

Scholars complete an initial writing assessment in order to be grouped based on their academic needs.  Scholars practice grammar skills and different writing genres based on Common Core State Standards (Biographical Narratives, Imaginative Narratives, Opinion Writing, Informational Writing, Response to Literature, and Persuasive/Argumentative Writing).  The Common Core State Standards are incorporated into each weekly lesson.  Scholars practice painting a picture with their words, as they compose biographical/imaginative narratives.  At Scholars’ Academy, our writers are encouraged to “Show, Not Tell”, as they write descriptively using powerful verbs and “alive words”.  Scholars also practice writing mechanics through spelling dictation and proofreading activities.  Editing is a crucial and important part of the writing process.  Scholars practice this skill in great detail as they take their writing to the next level.

$57.50 per session (60 minutes)

Bonus Homework:

Bonus homework is OPTIONAL, and reviews Common Core State Standards being taught both at school and at Scholars’ Academy.  Scholars who complete their bonus homework are rewarded weekly.