As a principal of an elementary school and as a mother of two children I am continuously impressed and inspired by the work my own children are doing at the Scholars Academy. Both of my children have greatly benefited from the intensive instructional support and personal motivation provided so lovingly…read more

At the Scholars’ Academy, students will acquire the
skills needed to achieve academic success.


Parent Reviews

As a principal of an elementary school and as a mother of two children I am continuously impressed and inspired by the work my own children are doing at the Scholars Academy. Both of my children have greatly benefited from the intensive instructional support and personal motivation provided so lovingly by both Mrs. Falcinella and Mrs. Azizi. These two ladies are gifted teachers who have a wealth of teaching experience, relevant instructional strategies and an exceptional understanding of the curriculum standards that they are able to bring to life in an exceptional tutorial setting. Their ability to connect with each of their students and motivate them to do their best is an amazing gift that I have personally witnessed and experienced with these ladies for years. With increasing class sizes in our schools making it more difficult for students to get one-on-one attention this gift is simply……priceless! I can’t say enough about the respect & admiration I have for Mrs. Falcinella and Mrs. Azizi as educators and as exceptional role-models for my children.

Maggie Villegas
Principal, Arroyo Elementary
Parent of a 5th grader and 2nd grader


It’s rare to find an academic program that consistently and successfully improves your child’s desire to learn but Scholars Academy does just that. Erin and Kim’s commitment to have all students succeed is unparalleled. Their energy is contagious and their approach to learning is hands on. There has not been one single session where our daughter has resisted attending…in fact, she counts the days until her next session!!

Allycyn Bennett

Parent at Peters Canyon Elementary


Kim and Erin,

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback about our son’s reading and writing progress.  He is so HAPPY learning from both of you !  Thank you for all your efforts and positive guidance.  Scholars Academy has been the BEST environment for him to learn and grow.  We feel that he has more confidence in his writing and reading because of your wonderful program.

Thanks again for all that you’ve done and continue to do!
Parent of a 4th Grader

# 4

I feel so blessed to have found Scholar’s Academy.  Mrs. Falcinella and Mrs. Azizi have made learning so much fun for my son.  My 1st grade son struggled with learning to read and had no desire to improve, but after attending Scholar’s Academy for 7 months, his fluency and desire to learn has improved tremendously. Mrs. Falcinella and Mrs. Azizi are on top of the state standards and are constantly pushing the kids towards their goals.  They have also created a fun environment that my son loves.  After each session I get an update of what went on in class and what we need to work on at home. My son loves coming here and wishes he can go here full time instead of school.  🙂  My son now has more confidence to read and try new things.

Myford Elementary Parent



Hi Kim and Erin,
We would like to personally thank you both for all your hard work and dedication with our son’s academic growth.  His English-Language Star test results far exceeded our expectations!  This achievement from Basic to Advanced in one year has everything to do with Scholars Academy !  We are so thankful for your personal dedication to his growth and your excellent teaching structure.
Thank you so much!
Parents of a 5th grader, TUSD



Kim & Erin,

My son really enjoys going to the Scholars’ Academy and his reading has improved from being in the basic reading level to the advanced reading level. He has learned to love to read and I do not have beg him to read books anymore. He was talking to his sister about the STAR testing and how he felt confident he was going to do well.

On a side note…before my dad passed away, he was paying for my son’s tutoring and he felt that progress he had been making on his reading was amazing and he would comment on it all the time.

Parent of a 3rd Grader



Scholar’s Academy really works and has been the best tutoring my daughter has ever had.  Thanks so much for helping my daughter excel in reading and writing!

A mother of a 2nd grader

Peters Canyon Elementary School


Thank You so much for your amazing input and nice compliments about our daughter and her reading progress!  Scholars Academy is the BEST investment ever!

Parent of a 4th grader


You are a wonderful young lady who I trust with all my kids. My wife and I appreciate your patience and talents that you have consistently demonstrated over the many years we have known you.

You are truly special, and I recognize that my children have a brighter future because you have been a part of their lives.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Parent of a 3rd grader

Tustin Unified School District


I wanted to let you know that we got our son’s report card for this semester and he has shown tremendous growth in his reading class.  Thank you for all your support.

Parent of a 2nd Grader


Hello Scholars Academy,

I wanted to express my gratitude to you both for the outstanding work you have done with my daughter.  In a short period of time, I have seen an amazing amount of progress in her writing skills. Not only has her writing skills improved, she is so much more confident in her abilities, and she thoroughly enjoys writing.  I attribute a majority of my daugher’s improvement to the Scholars Academy, and the low pressure/fun learning environment which you have created.  She continues to look forward to each every and session!

Thanks again for all your help, and keep up the good work!


Father of a 3rd Grader

Peters Canyon Elementary School


My son has been with Scholars’ Academy for almost a year.  We are very pleased with the amazing results and impact on my son’s academics and more importantly, attitude towards going to a writing enrichment class.  We have been to other writing academies, but this is the only one which my son is excited about as he feels that he can learn real writing techniques.  He now receives high praise on his school report card that he has a strong writing voice.  He recently got accepted to the Irvine School District APAAS program (Alternative Program for Academically Advanced Students) which emphasizes creativity in writing.  Even in the Scholars Math program, my son feels the teaching is very unique which clarifies a lot of areas where he needs further reinforcement.  We truly appreciate all of the teachers – Mrs. Falcinella, Mrs. Azizi, and Mr. Larson who taught their lessons well and helped my son to finish so strongly in 3rd grade.

Parent of a 3rd Grader

College Park Elementary